Rules for earnings free $20 product(s)
Time Valid: Dec.16.2013-Dec.30.2013
1. Create a thread on any major webmaster forum about thread content below:
- what are the advantages of one links about: in this thread)
- Your favorite one product or multiple products or Product categories on (added productís name and URL or Productís categories name/ URL in this thread)
- Why do you like this product, Productís advantages, features, pictures, price etc.
(please enter,You can choose your favorite products from and then start to talk about.)
2. Forum must be 15k or less traffic rank
3. Any language as long as the thread is public
4. You can use your affiliate link so you earn from others referred if the forum allows it
5. non-spam filled forum, with active community
6. Your account must be in good standing without any flags on the forum. It should have at least six months of age and at least 10 posts count (no new accounts, same account can only release one tmart thread)
7. You can create as many threads as you want on different forums as long as you do not copy/paste the details.(you can post different products)
8. Thread should be well thought out, contain multiple sentences and paragraphs(Ban on tmart offensive topic, your article should be positive))
9. No Spam! Do not spam other forums. This is VERY bad and is not what we want. Do not use automated software to create these threads, as we will just ban your account from for obvious reasons.
10. Must be related niche. Donít post on gaming forums or other non-related forums. This is Spam. Do not spam.
11. When you live your thread in one or much more forums, please send your thread URL to this, they will check your thread and give you an answer Within 24 hours
12. You must keep it alive in that forum (not be deleted by the Administrator).If your post alive for a week (7 days) and have 10 member response (they want to be a positive response, on the negative response, they need to review, it can be displayed). After 7 days you can not delete that thread,it live permanent on the forum
13. .If your thread meets their requirements, they will send an e-mail confirmation to ask your shipping information and send the products of you want for free(You do not need to pay any product and shipping costs)

I think it is important enough to mention this again, Your post/threads need to be legitimate and contributing to the forum.
Do not use automated software!
This is spam. Please see above. All threads need to be manually completed.