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    I hadn't seen Greta since it came out in 2008 (or was it 2009)? I dont remember lol. But I pulled it out and watched it and I think I liked it even more this time. Hilary honestly did a great job. I wish them movie could have had a wider release and maybe not as much Evan Ross because I didnt find him that great but Hilary was the superstar. She was awesome, really got into the character and it was all very beleivable.
    I love this movie! "How do you survive without cable!"

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    i love this movie!!i think Hilary is great in it!!not i think i'm going to watch it again soon
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    thanks starlight,jennifer,sila for the help!!!!!
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    i also have to rewatch it. But it's def one of my all time favorite movies AND my favorite Hilary movie. She shined in that movie.

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    I totally forgot about it, I still haven't seen it yet. Haven't seen it in stores but I haven't really been looking.

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    Her best movie by far, but both her and Evan Ross did great. Really should've pushed it more to get a wider release. People that don't even like Hilary have told me they saw and loved the movie. I think it could've been this generations "A Walk to Remember".
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