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Thread: Paranormal Activity 3

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    Default Paranormal Activity 3

    Is anyone going to watch it or has watched it?
    it's suppose to be scarier than the first 2.
    Kinda excited and nervous to watch it

    Thanks kay!

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    I saw it last night during the special advanced screening, it was good, not all of the questions from the first two movies has been answered and the first two are way better than this one but I still enjoyed it, found this one to be darker than the other ones. Also there has to be a fourth one because after the ending there just has to be.

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    I've heard mostly good things, maybe three people I know said it was underwhelming but not terrible. I need to see it.

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    Okay so seriously, I just came from seeing it and it scared the living sh*t outta me. The last 20 minutes is completely heart-stopping for me, the entire audience was jumping and screaming. Its REALLY scary.
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    its as good as a paranormal activity movie can be.

    your usual number of scares plus more, new 'tactics' to scare and basically stuff to just laugh second time around

    my only negative is the final explanation of the story, which only added more to the myth and did not end the 'trilogy' so expect a PA4 if serious

    n hopefully it wont be a prequel n actually continue on
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    Yeah the ending was pretty twisted, but I hated how abrupt it was.

    Otherwise I quite liked the film.

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    Cool movie.
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