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Thread: Hilary Duff when she was on "MoM"

  1. Smile Hilary Duff when she was on "MoM"

    Hi I uploaded some captures of Hilary duff from when she was in the UK on a TV show called "MoM" in 2005, she had such a great time and laughed so much!

    I apologise that I cannot post thumbnails, the thumbnails on twitpic change names :/ where as the links stay the same, so I am guessing I would have to download all the thumbnails and re-upload them to somewhere other than twitpic as you cannot link to the direct image? (as far as I know), then make the url img links so both the thumbnail and the image.... thats all hard to do on a phone. :/

    Anyways apologies for that and that they are caps and not HQ stuff. But Hilary does look so cute, so i hope you will still take the time to check out the pics. If only the CLOSE UPs of her smiling and laughing

    Game Show 1 - Captures 1 to 11.

    1 = - Close Up.
    2 =

    3 = - Close Up.
    4 =

    5 =
    6 =

    7 =
    8 =

    9 =
    10 =
    11 = - Woo Hoo Hilary's Team won!

    Game Show 2 - Captures / Waiting for Harry Potter.

    1 = Shocked (Game Show)
    2 = Laughing close up. (Game Show)
    3 = Waitng for Harry Potter
    4 = -- "" --
    5 = -- "" --
    6 = -- "" --
    7 = Laughing close up. (Game Show)
    8 = Laughing Close up. (Game Show)

    I like seeing Hilary Duff happy and laughing Its nice to look back and remember the fun she had years ago I hope you all smile too.

    Thank you, Bye.

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    thanks for sharing!

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    Wow cool thanks!

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    Wow, she looks super-happy in all these pictures... Is there a YouTube link? I would LOVE to watch this please!!

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    Wow sh e looked so happy and innocent...too bad we all can stay that way forever!

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