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Thread: A Nightmare On Elm Street

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    Wow, I LOVED it!
    I've already saw it twice. ^_^

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    i saw The Movie Last Night in Theatres there is Nothing Like The Original One even though this Movie was still Scary it just felt Diffrent without Robert England.

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    the first 27 minutes was good - sucked after that.
    the entire movie was so anti-climatic.

    also, kellan's death in the movie was different than what it originally was
    in the trailer it showed him falling off a roof and spoilers said he died from falling off a roof and going through a glass ceiling and landing in front of his friends
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    LOL I love how the only part that was good was 30mins in when Kaite was in it. I loved the entire movie, it was diffrent in ways from the original, but still was similar. I mean nothing will ever top the original but it is deff one of the better remakes in my opinion. I would see it again.

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    Cool Movie.


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