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Where Bordem Can Take You

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Apologies for the language, but.....holy shit, this place is still around!!

So I joined back in December of 2003, and here it is almost 13 years later. Alot's happened in 13 years.

I'm married to my wife of almost 5 years and we have a gorgeous little girl together. My wife actually enjoys Hilary movies, and I still find enjoyment from her music and movies from back in the day.

As of right now, I'm more into video games and wrestling. I still enjoy music, all types and I'm about to be 30 years old. Gosh do I feel old.

I've graduated college with a degree in Network Administration. I also know a thing or two about computers from my degree. I don't think anyone will read this but oh well, just felt like writing this. If you read this you rock and you matter.


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