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Moving on (Or, alternatively titled, on the subject of online "homes")

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Many people do not know this, but I have a disability, if you're lucky enough and have followed my recent postings on the internet, you would know this.

I haven't told anyone on HF yet, and probably by my Facebook posts you can tell who has a disability.

I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one I have, or maybe the hints are out there and are more readily available than you think .

Now onto the subject at hand: the online home

I have called 3 forums to date my online "home." they are listed below in order and have an explanation for each below:

1. MoM
2. HF
3. CWF


Not your "mom", "MoM," stands for Moore of Mandy, what was the best forum and FanSite for Mandy Moore.

@Terrell, You remember this place, right? Sadly, it closed down sometime around 2007-2009 for reasons unknown to me, "Jen", the webmaster, or Terrell if you see this, can you register (for Jen) and tell me why someone took your (this) site off the Internet? Was it a simple DMCA Takedown? Was Mandy's management responsible? or could you not run it anymore? If so, why not pass the torch on to someone who COULD? Or did the "MoM" name mean that much to you and quality control of another person running the site was a key issue?

I had over 600-1000 posts over the couple years I was active, maybe more. As I said, the site has since been dismantled and the data is probably in the hands of Jen.

If you're reading this Jen, please release the site's data and a archive of the forum posts up till closing. No site could've matched yours, not by a long shot, and none have come close ever since MoM went down!


HilaryFan, my last online home for the past 4 years, and I have made many friends thanks to this site. I can't count them all on both hands, that's how many!

I asked Terrell one day on MoM where he got a recent signature graphic for his account, and he pointed me here, the rest is history.

Over 2800 posts in 4 years, that's pretty good for a run. One that will be eclipsed in the next year or two, maybe less, depending on the pace required.


Yeah, an explanation is needed on to why I've moved on from HF.

It can be summed up in a few queries to Google, "The Parting Glass""Bold and the Beautiful" "Songs from the Heart"...
and "Celtic Woman"

Yes, I'm a Celtic Woman fan, and I'm damn fucking proud of it! These girls are on the same level as Taylor Swift in my eyes, just a TON more of a "sleeper" success than Taylor. You may've seen them on PBS. If you're after the albums and you have the (digital) connections like I do, you'll find them on, I highly recommend them!

I've been working on this #Project for the last 7 weeks. hopefully I'll see them and Taylor Swift some day LIVE, maybe in Vancouver in June of next year if I ever acquire some substantial funds.

If you want to check out their music, YouTube has tons.

If you don't have time, here's a 2 minute commercial from their most recent Live DVD, Believe:

If you have a ton of time to kill, Here's a sample from some of their best performances also from the same DVD (They're from VEVO so they won't be taken down and they're the FULL performances):

If you like their music, buy the DVDs and CDs if you can find them, you won't be disappointed. #FANBOY #SHAMELESSPR0M0TI0N

I'm not trying to be offensive, but I feel at this "stage" in "the great game" "of Life", I need to be with a more active forum, one with a lot more "like-minded people".

We have 3 people with Autism, specifically with "Asperger's syndrome", possibly more; a person with Cerebral palsy; a person recovering from Leukemia; a person with depression, an eating disorder, and also parents who won't give him/her a break on top of it all; and many more people than I can count who are just some of the best people I have found since I found-and-got-to-know-from, HF.

Closing remarks

I'm still a Hilary Duff fan, but right now, nothing's going on in Hilary's career, she's busy raising Luca, and if an album IS "inches around the corner", the source (PEREZ HILTON) is VERY HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE;

as such, my priorities have shifted, big time.

I am putting most of my energy and time into this new forum I'm frequenting. I'll still pop in on HF daily, just be more of a lurker.

Yes, for those who know me as a computer problem solver, I'm still taking requests by PM. Go ahead and send them in! I don't give up on those who need the help. Just remember, I do this out of my own time out of my life.

As Dumbledore said near the end of Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows Part 2, paraphrased here: "Help will be given to those who need it, but also to those who deserve it." (mentioned in this post as CWF) is where you'll find me! Maybe you'll join us after you watch some of the videos I gave you above? Just mention in your first few posts where you're from (HF), that I (urbanracer34, the handle I use on there) sent you "here" and I'll take care of the rest however I can. I'm no mod or admin, but I have a good standing.

Please try to understand this all
I hope you will,

Jerad (URBAN)

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    You're missing a finger?
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    No I'm not missing a finger LOL.


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