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  1. Well she is working on a new album atm.
  2. That's sad. It's probably going to get worse because Hilary is not going to do much anymore, I bet.
  3. lol I think we've gained one member since you were active. Every once in awhile someone posts in the Newbie thread and everyone gets all excited. Then they never post again.
  4. I mean, it's alright I guess. I just got so sick of people defending Miley and Justin. I like some celebrities as well that aren't very talented, it's just a different thing if you can't admit it. Did many new people sign up?
  5. lol Nah it's a lot of lady gaga and well yeah the whole lot of stupid ones still. Apparently HFers have limited musical tastes.
  6. Um, if I'm honest I'm not really sure! I was a bit surprised to see how little people are active anymore. There only seem to be a handful of threads people post in now each day. What happened? There are definitely some people I miss talking to and it's just nice to see how everyone is doing. If the whole Justin Bieber/Miley Cyrus popularity has subsided I might consider coming back haha.
  7. ahaha Hi Sarah. Saw your thread as well. Just working and partying.
    Are you gonna come back to HF again or is this a special visit?
  8. hi,

    HF has changed a lot :o what have you been up to?
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