• Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie Share Steak, Ice Cream and a Whole Chicken over Dinner

    Mom-to-be Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie ordered a ton of food with friends during a night out at Bagatelle in L.A. The two, who arrived separately, were affectionate with each other, sharing some light kisses at the table.

    As for dinner: Duff got a recommendation from a waiter, opting for the butternut squash gratin, which she loved. She and her hubby also shared a 26 oz. steak, as well as a whole chicken, which everyone at the table ate. And for dessert: a large ice cream sundae for the table.

    Comrie seemed to dote on Duff all night, a source says, noting that he escorted her back and forth to the bathroom and telling her she looked beautiful all night.

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    1. Beauty Killer's Avatar
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      That's not a serious article. o.O
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      Yeah right
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      |never stop -
      how is it not a serious article? it's from people.

      if your referring to the crazy amount of food it says that it was shared with friends.
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      lol The "caught in the act" articles always make me laugh, for some reason.