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  1. Where Bordem Can Take You

    Apologies for the language, but.....holy shit, this place is still around!!

    So I joined back in December of 2003, and here it is almost 13 years later. Alot's happened in 13 years.

    I'm married to my wife of almost 5 years and we have a gorgeous little girl together. My wife actually enjoys Hilary movies, and I still find enjoyment from her music and movies from back in the day.

    As of right now, I'm more into video games and wrestling. I still enjoy music, ...
  2. Yay me?

    Wow. 9 years ago today,I joined this little corner of the internet. Guess what the say about "time flying when you have fun",is true,right?

    Maybe. Maybe not?

    Last year,was a rollercoaster ride from HELL for me. I lost some ground,regained a bit,lost some more...such is life.

    Anyway,as it stands right now,not sure how much I'm gonna be online.

    Again,thats life.

  3. Moving on (Or, alternatively titled, on the subject of online "homes")

    Many people do not know this, but I have a disability, if you're lucky enough and have followed my recent postings on the internet, you would know this.

    I haven't told anyone on HF yet, and probably by my Facebook posts you can tell who has a disability.

    I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one I have, or maybe the hints are out there and are more readily available than you think .

    Now onto the subject at hand: the online home

  4. About Timmy (I think I ought to get you guys caught up about me)

    Amidst all the spam blogs I keep seeing on "bot" members, I thought to finally fill you in on a more legitimate blog, about myself of course. Since I was last active on this site, quite a LOT has changed about me. So here you go:

    1) I am right now at Centennial College studying Environmental Protection Technology (Coop). My program is treating me well, and I love learning to eventually have an Environmental Career... someday.
    2) The TV shows I really like the most ...
  5. Im Back!

    i been a member on here for 10 years, some may remember me, some may not, i just recently found this site again so hopefully i can start posting once more!
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