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  1. the edge.

    why am i so 'in like' with this girl i've never met? she's stunning. i see her every day. i think she sees me too. maybe?
    well. i don't know.
    a friend of mine got her name and found her facebook.
    we have a friend in common.
    i asked that friend in common what she was really like.
    looks like i fall for the coke heads.
    oh, and she has a boyfriend. i win. like 90% of my school is gay/bisexual. i fall for the straight girl. (classic)
  2. You, you, you...too many of you!

    Quote Originally Posted by sam she is View Post
    You need to stop being a jackass, and finally decide just what it is you want from me...and give me my damn hug already! I'm not asking for the moon here!

    You need to stop being so amazing. I have no words to describe how much I adore you. You need to stop seeing me as a sister/just a friend type, because I would cuddle with you in a heartbeat.

    And you, well you don't really matter. I have not spoken to or met you yet. You are just some guy a friend wants to set me up
  3. Watching Her Fall

    BEWARE! Brutal honesty....

    It is probably wrong of me to get so much enjoyment out of watching the "angel" fall from grace. I feel sadness for my poor niece, but for my sister I only feel disdain. I've always known she was a liar, and only cared for herself. My parents and everyone still loved her. They'd say "she's just lost/she's just sad"

    Yeah right!

    They finally see the horns holding up her halo. The sadest thing is that she'll ...

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  4. fuck

  5. My HF Friends

    Hey, you guys aren't all in the right order. Jerks.
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