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  1. Have You Met Hilary In Person??
  2. I Just Met Hilary
  3. i met hilary.
  4. Who here has met Hilary?
  5. How was the signing people?!?!
  6. The nyc autogragh signing (My story)
  7. Closest you ever got to meeting Hilary
  8. When I met Hilary!
  9. My Lucky Parents...
  10. who has met hilary and wat happend?
  11. Alex and I (Chris P.) chilling outside the signing
  12. NY Signing
  13. Went to the LA signing today (camped out, press passes, ect)
  14. Kramers LA cd signing story ~~PICS INCLUDED~~
  15. Burbank signing, I got to meet Hilary and .....
  16. Burbank Megastore Signing
  17. My Day in NYC
  18. My Story (With Pictures)
  19. The Best Day Ever
  20. A dream come true.
  21. Burbank signing
  22. When I met Hilary!
  23. Pictures that you took of /with hilary
  24. Ryuki @ NYC!
  25. Sneezing @ KCAo3
  26. I never met her
  27. omg.. what i got to do today!!! (yes it was with Hilary in T.O)
  28. Fairview mall signing. Toronto
  29. Hilary @ San Diego Signing - 9.12.03
  30. Disney Store Signing May 3,2003 (Story and Pictures!)
  31. my encouters w/ hil.....
  32. Another story from Chris
  33. Hilary in san diego
  34. Meeting her tomorrow!!
  35. How long was your wait for Hilary?
  36. My 19th Birthday Gift
  37. Met!
  38. 9/13 Six Flags Marine World
  39. Awards
  40. Burbank signing!! i have pics
  41. My day at the KWaC event.. with pics this time..
  42. Officially the best morning of my LIFE!!!!
  43. My pics of and with Hil!!!!
  44. I met her
  45. Cheaper by the dozen!
  46. Hellfire back form Hil's Rehersal
  47. OMG!!! the best night of my life!
  48. I got Hilarys Autograph!!!
  49. MY Concert Experience at her Ventura Concert!!!
  50. My Expirence at Hilary Duff's concert on November 30,2003 at the norva,norfolk VA
  51. E-team free concert in Hollywood
  52. PA concert
  53. VA concert @ 2pm`
  54. VA concert at 6pm
  55. Ventura Video Diary- Finally Working!!
  56. Hilary Duff's concert at 6:00pm at the norva,norfolk virginia november 30,2003
  57. Pics from Jingle Jam in Houston
  58. Who's met Hilary Duff?
  59. omg i got hils autograph!!!!
  60. Fan pics with Hilary!
  61. Stonecrest Signing... Pics included!
  62. Mall At Stonecrest Story! Pics coming soon!
  63. Weird dream meeting Hilary
  64. I'm going to see Hilary tonight!!
  65. Sound Advice Amphitheater, WEST PALM, FL!!Sound Advice Amphitheater, WEST PALM, FL!
  66. My Sister Met.......
  67. A very very cool dream
  68. Neva seen before pics!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. Hil's Christmas
  70. Opening for Britney?
  71. Sold out
  72. Burbank Signing
  73. wish me luck!!!
  74. Ever met Hil?
  75. My Own Hilary Duff Story!
  76. My own hilary duff story!! (revised)
  77. Advice if ur gonna meet her....
  78. Meeting Hilary - Continue the story game...
  79. I got hilary duff's autograph today
  80. My San Antonio Concert Experience! (1st row +touched her!)
  81. *My concert story*
  82. My Dallas Concert *thoughts*
  83. I just got back the pics I sent to Hilary to sign!!!!!!
  84. I Met Hilary at the Airport Today
  85. I only Have...
  86. Finally, I Have A Story...
  87. True Story..you'll wanna read it!
  88. Extended tour dates <---
  89. Hilary's LA Concert Experience
  90. Random cool thing I noticed...
  91. Hilary's AWESOME CONCERT!!!!!
  92. Just sent my photo's to be signed
  93. San Diego Concert!
  94. Hilarys san diego concert!!!
  95. Party in the Pit: Universal Amp 715 Concert
  96. My 11hours @the cox arena!!!
  97. Oopps!!!Stuffed it up:(
  98. when i met hil..SO FUNNY!
  99. I Met Hilary Duff On MTV TRL In The Past
  100. [FINISH-THE-STORY GAME] "I-Am-Haylie-Duff" Fiction
  101. I Got My Pics Back
  102. Hilary problems!
  103. Hils autograph!
  104. Santa Cruz Concert "lookalike"
  105. any1 have info?
  106. true/funny "met hilary stories"
  107. Hilary 2/21/04 west hollywood
  108. Question: Hilary's Autograph Signing on fans mail.
  109. hilary duff autogragh pics
  110. Arco Arena Concert: Hilary loves Stars ^^
  111. I Won!
  112. You guys are sooo lucky!!ΓΌ
  113. My Jingle Ball Hilary Duff Story!
  114. Look what I won!!!
  115. BEST night of my LIFE!!
  116. All the ppl who got backstage!
  117. I will post my experience this weekend from Live @ Much to Hamilton Concert!
  118. My experience at Live@Much & Hamilton Concert.. Few PICS..
  119. ...please help me, and the other german hilary duff-fans!...
  120. New address
  121. The Greatest experience of all...Mine atleast!
  122. Concert in Dallas
  123. The Wildest 24 Hours of Our Lives
  124. My story on meetin Hilary:)
  125. The best way to meet Hil when she's here?
  126. Did Hil Write Back?
  127. Guess who came to my work place???
  128. Hilary is las vegas
  129. ...my feelings to hilary duff!!
  130. If You could have 12 Hours
  131. Where can I find more Hilary Fanstories?
  132. Best Dayz Ever!
  133. Writing to Hilary...
  134. Hil was awesome at the TMF-Awards in Holland!!
  135. I've met Hilary!!!
  136. My semi-personal message from Hilary.. (how does she say ur name?)
  137. I talked to Hilary on the Internet! (AOL INSTANT MESSENGER!!)veiw to ger her sn!
  138. How did you become a Hilary Duff fan ?
  139. Hilary Duff experience
  140. Totally Met Hil!!1!11
  141. When does she come? so Lonesome i am
  142. Story.
  143. i saw hilary
  144. Untitled.
  145. i can't wait
  146. Fans!!!!
  147. Autograph Picture I Got
  148. Where u can meet Hil
  149. I Met Hilarry Duff!!!!!!!!!!!1
  150. I met Hilary!
  151. Meet and Greet
  152. OMG i won tix to WANGO TANGO!! 5th row!
  153. Hilary's the one and only shopping queen!
  154. Your Show Five
  155. Who is going to the Dallas show?
  156. Your Show 5 w/ Hilary Duff!!
  157. Just got back from wango tango...Ull never belive wut i got, and saw
  158. new pix from wango tango, one hls personal itmes as well!!!
  159. Last Night's Radio Disney/KWAC Concert at HOB
  160. I FINALLY talked to Hil online!!!
  161. I met Hilary!!! in the street!
  162. I Saw Hilary Filming A Perfect Man
  163. Hil Sighting!!
  164. lucky
  165. ME AND l3gacy1 SAW DUFF @ DOWNTOWN!
  166. HD Fan club
  167. Hilary's Fan Mail? Have you sent her a letter or a poster to have her sign? Tell us!
  168. I met hilary! Also alex and marco, hilary's best friends
  169. I met hil in september
  170. ACS poster.
  171. I didn't actually meet Hilary but its my Dennys story
  172. Much Music Video Awards: Red Carpet
  173. Perfect Man - about hil ...
  174. lizzie mcguire t-shirt
  175. has anyone met hilary?
  176. The Concert in Dallas!
  177. Radio Disney Contest
  178. Im soooooooo mad everyone i know get 2 meet Hilary , well not everyone
  179. The Soundtrack in my hands!!!!!!!!! today july 9th
  180. thanx HF Fans
  181. My Jay Leno Experience!
  182. My ACS Premiere Story!
  183. In meeting Hilary
  184. Hilary Duff Screening In Seattel (I Went And Saw It )LOOK
  185. Poll: Have you met Hil?
  186. Help Please
  187. Just Got Back From Seeing ACS
  188. Toys R Us
  189. Not too exciting, but...
  190. Pics i took from the Cinderella Story Premiere
  191. I have all of you beat... i kissed her...
  192. I was SO close to meeting hilary...
  193. Haylie and Hil Duffs driver almost ran me over
  194. Any meet and greets in california ? between jul 31 ____________ and more
  195. Hilary Duff ! ! !
  196. New Hilary Stuff?
  197. I Saw Hilary On MTV TRL Live on Last Week On Thurday ( My Story )
  198. ACS soundtrack+ posters
  199. Worcester Concert
  200. New Music Video
  201. Meet And Greet People Who Won!
  202. Guess WWho I Met ! ! !
  203. OMG! I'm SO HAPPY!
  204. Fairfax concert
  205. Hershey PA Concert
  206. The Hershey, PA Concert
  207. Hershey PA Concert Pics I took!
  208. Cool Hilary Story ! ! ! ! !
  209. Hilary's Concert in Nassu Collesium
  210. Hilary Concert in East Rutherford, NJ
  211. BackStage passes
  212. Concert at Nassue Collusium
  213. My Fairfax, VA HD Concert Experience
  214. who has met hilary?
  215. pictures from fairfax concert???
  216. My Concert Story! (Pittsburgh, PA)
  217. !Pix of What I'm Giving Hil and my Concert Outfit!
  218. How do you get entered for Meet and Greets.
  219. My Concert Story! (The Palace, July 29th)
  220. Post your pics of your Concert Souvenir Items Here!
  221. Hilary @ TMF Awards (The Netherlands)
  222. omg my concert experience
  223. My Concert Story! (The Palace Of Auburn Hills) July 29th!
  224. Chicago Concert
  225. My Concert Story (7-31 -- Bradley Center, Milwakee)
  226. This is to any1 who has had.....
  227. My Really Long Concert Story *July 29th,The Palace of Auburn Hills,MI*~Pics included~
  228. Wondering
  229. Meet and greet
  230. St.Louis Concert *LONG*
  231. my st. louis 8-3-04 concert story [not 2 long]
  232. 11.11.o3 -- HiLARY`S FiRST LiVE C0NCERT
  233. Haylie Duff Tour Tribute
  234. Nashville, TN concert fan story
  235. Jacksonville, FL concert
  236. i went to hils concert in st.charles,mo on aug.3rd at the family arena
  237. My Concert Story(Atlanta)
  238. More Canadian Concerts!
  239. i get to meet....
  240. 8/11 Jax. Concert!
  241. Exclusive Photos in My Story!!
  242. Did Anyone go to the NYC Concert?
  243. Ft. Lauderdale , FL Concert (8.13.04)
  244. My Hilary Duff Story Caution VERY LONG!
  245. Tickets For Las Vegas
  246. Tickets for VMA Experience
  247. 8/22 concert
  248. My Pictures In ROME!!!
  249. I won an acs contest
  250. New Orleans Concert - Aug 15. (My Story) =D