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  1. Hilary Duff At War With John Cusack
  2. Hilary and John Kiss in Brand Hauser
  3. War Inc: Planned for Mid October 2007
  4. hils character in the movie
  5. Cusack To Take Over Iraq in Film
  6. Video of John Cusack talking about why he chose Hilary
  7. Song from trailer?
  8. War Inc New Name?
  9. What your thoughts on how the critics are going to react on Hilary character Yonica?
  10. Hilary's Language in "War Inc."
  11. War Inc. rating
  12. Babyyeah.
  13. War Inc.?
  14. "More Respect For Hilary" Says War Inc Screener
  15. war inc: how much will it make?
  16. War Inc. Theatrical Relase Date?
  17. War Inc Poll "Will You See This Movie?"
  18. War Inc New Scene (no Duff Though)
  19. Question
  20. War inc july release date according to IMDB
  21. War Inc Theatre Release Date
  22. War Inc Gets Early Love
  23. War Party (Short new article, John Cusack about WI)
  24. War Inc. waiting...
  25. War INC. Realise Date
  26. Can't Wait
  27. War, Inc. Premiere Date Announced
  28. War Inc. rated R?
  29. Sundance Film List (No War Inc)
  30. war inc may be on rest of list announced today
  31. War Inc. - Release Dates??
  32. War, Inc. (Film/Plot/Cast)
  33. Official Trailer Rlease?
  34. War Inc News
  35. Brief Clip During Inside the Actor's Studio
  36. war inc clip
  37. War Inc Rating.
  38. This week people will be talking about
  39. War Inc premiering at sundance this montth.
  40. Hilary Duff Role Based On Britney Spears?
  41. War, Inc. Trailer
  42. War, Inc - April in Brazil?
  43. May Premiere in Las Vegas in a couple weeks
  44. Scheduled for beginning of this year
  45. The Cannes Film Festival?
  46. It's "war Inc" but only in foreign markets
  47. Release Date?
  48. War, Inc. - Theatrical release
  49. war inc. (wide) release?
  50. the truth about war, inc.
  51. WAR INC RELEASE : May 23 2008
  52. War inc Canada Release- April 18 2008
  53. War Inc UK DVD Release June 9th!
  54. 'War, Inc.' Profile
  55. War Inc A Flop?
  56. WAR INC: Australian Release Date.
  57. War Inc Press Release/Trailer
  58. War,inc @ Tribeca Film Festival
  59. new clip from myspace
  60. Direct to DVD and Blu-Ray
  61. War Inc Official Site
  62. myspace.com/warincofficial is Official!
  63. Email to newcrime
  64. hilary duffs movie
  65. War, Inc: Rated Arrgh! (R!)
  66. Yonica Video This Week?
  67. Jimmy Kimmel Tonite for War Inc Promo
  68. CUSACK on Real Time with Bill Maher
  69. Hilary Promotion?
  70. Official Canadian Release...
  71. Sorry double Post
  72. FILM GUIDE: War Inc @ Tribeca FEST Dates and Times
  73. Dvd
  74. about time
  75. Real Time: John Cusack Interview March 28, 2008
  76. Info about War Inc in Tepasmas.com
  77. John Cusack + Leyner on MuchMusic for War INC!
  78. War Inc Aus
  79. War, Inc. Tribeca Film Festival Dates & Times Announced!
  80. New War Inc Scene on Access Hollywood
  82. Baghdad Year Zero - The Article the Film Was Based On
  83. John Cusack:"She's a great actress"
  84. WAR INC Movie Trailer [HQ] & Plot
  85. Wowwww
  86. War Inc's Official Canadian Theatrical Release Date
  87. quotes from 'war, inc'.
  88. 'war, inc' reviews from university students.
  89. Reader Review: Cusack's War, Inc.
  90. John Cusack Stalked
  91. Reviews from War Inc. Myspace
  92. John Cusack on The Hour Promoting War Inc
  93. EXTENDED scorpion scene!!
  94. one more review.
  95. something very interesting.
  96. Official Website for WAR,INC
  97. Another little review
  98. EYE WEEKLY: War, Inc Review
  99. must-see flicks: war, inc.
  100. Perez Posts the Scorpion Scene
  101. Myspace Trailer Park: War Inc.
  102. EXCLUSIVE New Info on War, Inc.
  103. Peace sells, but who's buying?
  104. Omg
  105. War, Inc on E! News
  106. "foreign distribution is still unknown"
  107. War Inc's Site Updated
  108. Hilary Duff's raunchy war inc role
  109. a Boston Globe Tidbit
  110. Donny Deutsch Gets a Laugh out of Hilary Duff co starring in War Inc
  111. Bulgarian scorpion wrangler
  112. Your Reaction to Hilary as Yonica
  113. Interested in War Inc?
  114. War Inc Movie Ticket Giveaway, La
  115. War,Inc - Toronto?
  116. Showtimes In Canada & Soundtrack info.
  117. War Inc Trailer Promotion on Tv
  118. War Inc Rated R 17 +
  119. Exclusive: Interview With Joshua Seftel, Director of "War, Inc."
  120. Reel to Real
  121. imdb main page.
  122. Clips on War Inc Site.
  123. JC live chat on C&L
  124. Pre-Oder War Inc Today
  125. New War, Inc Exclusive Clip!!
  126. ALL NEW: War, Inc. Info
  127. Marisa on Conan
  128. John Cusack's War, Inc. : TODAY ON THE SCROLL
  129. Promo in the UK?
  130. WHich Theaters?
  131. War, Inc 14A In Canada
  132. War Inc HD Trailer
  133. War Inc was just on MPIX
  134. How do I watch War Inc.?
  135. John Cusack Makes War, Inc.
  136. Title of war inc trailer's song...??
  137. Metro News war, inc review
  138. The Bad, War,Inc
  139. To those who 'bring' the movies to our computers 'early'
  140. War, Inc. takes its shot but misses target - TORONTO SUN REVIEW
  141. War Inc comes out today!!!
  142. Your Favourite Scenes in War, Inc!
  143. Lets mix it up, Reviews
  144. My War Inc. Review!
  145. Seen 'War,Inc.' today..My Review..
  146. Yonica Babyyeah....
  147. War Inc. Review - Toronto Star + Scans
  148. Friday Box Office
  149. My War Inc Review, the Premiere
  150. 2 1/2 Plus 1 for Audacity, war inc
  151. Shock and Awe, War Inc
  152. John Cusack starts wars for profit in his new movie 'War Inc.'
  153. OFFICIAL War, Inc. Box Office Thread
  154. War Inc. Getting Some Good Online Buzz.
  155. Tribeca Review: War, Inc.
  156. Hollywood Reporter Review: War, Inc.
  157. War, Inc on IMDB.
  158. Tribeca Review: War, Inc.
  159. war inc DVD commentary ???
  160. Review:Tribeca Film Festival: Scattershot 'War, Inc.' Its Own Worst Enemy
  161. Review from About.com
  162. Don't knock hilary's Fans..
  163. The-Numbers Gives 'War, Inc.' Box Office Breakdown
  164. Songs performed by Hilary Duff (Yonica Babyyeah) in WAR INC
  165. Hilary the Actress will Stick
  166. Movie Insider chats with Hilary Duff
  167. "War, Inc." review from "Variety"
  168. To whoever provided the LEAK or has the LEAK....
  169. Hilary making out in warinc
  170. samples from the movie wanted and unwanted
  171. war inc leaked
  172. 3 War Inc. songs.
  173. People Leaving During War Inc
  174. War Inc FULL Movie 1 File No Zipped Files + Fast Download!
  175. You Think I'm Attractive?
  176. my 'war, inc' review.
  177. War, Inc DVD/Blu-Ray Release Date
  178. Noo
  179. War Inc YouTube Expulsion
  180. War Inc Streaming Online
  181. War, Inc: Reviews
  182. Another War Inc Review- Mentions Duff
  183. Yonica Quotes from 'War, Inc'
  184. Some new stills
  185. War Inc One of the most popular Movie Downloads on BitTorrent
  186. what is your favourite War Inc Soundtrack
  187. Favourite Yonica song?
  188. Martin Blank Goes To War - Review
  189. Cusack heaps praise on 'gifted' Duff
  190. Duff: 'I put a scorpion down my pants'
  191. War Inc still Playing in Canada
  192. Comments on Hilary's acting at IMDb.
  193. NewsBlaze: "War, Inc" Film Review
  194. To buy War Inc Tickets in Los Angeles
  195. Vanity Fair Interviews John Cusack
  196. "War, Inc." on Metacritic
  197. Moviefone interview
  198. War Inc Weekend Box Office.
  199. War, Inc Expanding
  200. War, Inc's box office ranking, and the approximate $ it made
  201. War Inc. to be released in Russia
  202. Embedded With Hilary Duff
  203. War Inc at Work!
  204. War Inc Box office May 30th - June 1
  205. John Cusack blogs about War, Inc. expanding
  206. Being John Cusack - Slate
  207. War,inc Expansion Schedule movie web
  208. Hilary article in my local newspaper!
  209. GAHH! *bashes head on table!
  210. War, Inc. Expands To More Screens
  211. War,Inc DVD Release Pushed Back
  212. War Inc Signed Poster
  213. Yawn.
  214. War Inc Poster ?Look A Like?
  215. a disapointing ending...
  216. John Cusack On "Morning Joe," Knocks Bill O'Reilly
  217. Hilary Praised In New War Inc. Review (14 +)
  218. War Inc. takes in it's highest gross yet!
  219. Hilary Duff - Yonica Crying
  220. War Inc. once again does better than ever!
  221. Midnight Poster Run!
  222. War. Inc takes a slight dip.
  223. My War Inc review!
  224. Yay! I saw 'War, Inc' today!
  225. War, Inc. DVD Releasing...
  226. War Inc drops again.
  227. New York Times Review - Good
  228. War Inc Audio Please!
  229. UK DVD Release Date is..
  230. After ten weeks, War Inc. has gained 5 theatres!
  231. UK DVD release change - March 2009
  232. War, Inc., not terrible after all: Not great, but nobody should be embarrassed
  233. yonica sings ballad
  234. Has anyone seen the movie yet?
  235. Indiana Jones 4 Or War Inc?
  236. One month<3
  237. dvd question..
  238. "War, Inc" Original Movie Soundtrack
  239. Just In Time For The Election: War, Inc. On DVD
  240. John Cusack blogs about War Inc
  241. War, Inc... and a little something else.
  242. Official Cover Art for War Inc DVD - Canada!
  243. Hilary On Myspace for War Inc.
  244. War, Inc.
  245. John Cusack's new blog!
  246. FULL I Want To Blow You Up
  247. War Inc Sequel?
  248. The Official "War, Inc." DVD Discussion Thread
  249. iTunes!
  250. Poster from work.